B14 AUS 375 - 2015 Australian Champion in MORNINGTON, Victoria for sale

B14 AUS 375 - 2015 Australian Champion
B14 AUS 375 - 2015 Australian Champion
B14 AUS 375 - 2015 Australian Champion

This boat is the current Victorian and Australian Champion, as well as placing second in the recent World Championships. Over the months leading up to the World Championships this boat had a complete overhaul, with the systems, sails and rigging refined to ensure maximum boat speed across the wind ranges. Anything on the boat that looked like it didn’t operate 100% or may break was replaced to ensure we had a fast, reliable boat.
What does the boat include:
- Box trailer that fits everything including all the spare equipment
- Mainsails
• 2 x training mainsails
• 1 x Irwin mainsail (in good racing condition)
• 1 x North mainsail (only used in World Championships)
- Jibs
• 3 x training jibs (including one Irwin)
• 1 x Irwin jib (still in very good condition)
• 1 x North jib (only used in the recent World Championships)
- Spinnakers
• 1 x training spinnaker
• 1 x Irwin spinnaker (in good condition)
• 1 x North spinnaker (only used at recent World Championships, but has been repaired from damage)
• 1 x North spinnaker (BRAND NEW AND NEVER USED)
- Spare brand new and fully fitting spinnaker pole plus a fully fitted spare
- Carbon CST mast
- 4 x carbon CST tiller extensions (2 of them only used at the recent World Championships)
- Carbon wings
- Board, boat and mast covers
- Boat is well underweight, with lead specially moulded in the wing bars to ensure it’s as far forward as possible
- Almost every rope on the boat has been replaced, spliced and tuned so that all systems work extremely well in all wind ranges
- Beach trolley has new (larger) wheels to ensure it’s easily wheeled up sand
This boat is literally set up and tuned to jump in and win races!